Two Years Later…

I had grand aspirations in January 2010, didn’t I?  Blogging magnificently each week, drawing inspiration and spiritual insight from my walks at the Arboretum.  But life interrupted.  My apologies to anyone who actually read my posts, although this blog never really got off the ground.  If I can excuse myself, I was busy:

falling in love,

getting engaged,

getting married,

and being a newlywed.  Here’s where we live now:


Now that life has settled down a bit, I hope to get back to inspiration and insight–this time from walks on the beach and around the salt marsh just outside our apartment.  I’ve also started another blog about having a holistic body theology.  Feel free to check it out.

Insight for today: just as we can’t rush progress, or greatness, or growth, or waiting–so we can’t rush resting.  Rest and restoration take as long as they take.  We’re not promised a time frame, but we are promised a finish line.

God restores my soul. – Psalm 23

The one who began this great work in you will bring it to completion.  – Philippians 1


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