Church or Bust

So our church visit tonight was a total bust.  To all church leaders everywhere, please update your websites!

Matt and I had planned all day that we would visit a church down in Ventura tonight for their 6pm service, allowing Matt his first chance in a while to really sleep in.  We drove down to Ventura this afternoon at about 4:30 after a leisurely morning and early afternoon sleeping and puttering around the apartment.  We caught a quick bite at Jack in the Box, went by Bed Bath and Beyond to return some household items that weren’t working out, and made our way to the church building.  Pulling into the darkened strip mall, we knew immediately that something was wrong, but we thought we had just entered the church’s business office address by mistake.  After some quick investigation via smartphone, it became clear that we were indeed in the right location.  We pulled up to the door and saw the church logo screened on the window along with the service times below: 9am and 11am.  Boo.  Evidently the 6pm service no longer exists, and no one bothered to update the website accordingly.  If you’re going to have a web presence, people, it needs to be useful!

We were really disappointed since we could have gone to a morning service if we had known the evening service wasn’t an option, and now it was too late to find another church option this week.  We were doubly disappointed since Matt is working the next two Sundays, so we won’t have another chance to check out a new church for a while.  Our whole day had been geared toward going to church tonight, and now we were so deflated we just turned around and went home.  Driving back toward Santa Barbara, we hit major traffic and spent most of the journey back at an unsteady 6mph pace.

On the upshot, we decided to listen to a podcast of a sermon at Mars Hill Bible Church called Miracles and Maple Trees (you can download it here) that helped redeem the evening with the reminder that our God is a God who heals. Amen to that!  Our evening was further redeemed by an unexpected conversation with a young married couple living in our same complex.  We bonded over miraculous stories, theology, music, and snowboarding.  Further proof that God our Redeemer is God of more than just the miraculous; God also redeems the mundane, like our disappointment over not getting to attend church this week.  Our church visit may have been a bust, but our evening was a success.  Thanks, God, for caring about the little things in our lives.


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