Hesychia: Day 4, Week 2

One of the scariest things about learning a new skill is realizing that you’re expected to go out into the world and actually USE it.

Although we have one more session tomorrow morning before we say goodbye to each other at noon and go off on our merry ways until April, we did some wrapping up this afternoon as well.  One of the things our director said in her “farewell address” was that we had already been given all the basic skills we would need to do spiritual direction and that we should feel free to use what we have learned between now and April.  That way, when we return for Session 2, we will have a lot more to talk about, questions to ask, issues to raise, and experience to draw from.

So here’s my question to you dear and lovely readers who have been following and supporting my journey thus far:

Who wants to be my guinea pig?

If you are willing to make yourself available to me as a practice-directee, I would LOVE the opportunity to try out some of what I have been learning and test the waters.  We can meet in person if you live nearby, or we can try out what it would be like to have a spiritual direction session via Skype or phone.  (I have done Skype with my own spiritual director, and that wasn’t too weird. I’ve also had a Skype session with  a spiritual director I’d never met in person. It was a little awkward at first, but we made it work.) Whatever works for you, I’m up for trying if you are!  Needless to say, there is absolutely no obligation or pressure, although I would certainly be interested and open to hearing your feedback about what did or didn’t work for you so I can keep growing and improve.

Or, if you are just curious about what spiritual direction is or what it might be like to be in a session with me, I’d love the chance to practice explaining it and work out some of my own language about what I want to take from this program and how I might be similar to or different from other directors.

Fair warning, though, that I will probably be doing some of the latter on this blog anyway and asking for your feedback on how the language strikes you or what fits/doesn’t fit about my approach and method.

For the moment, I am just trying to wrap my brain around the idea that I could actually sit down with someone tomorrow and conduct a real spiritual direction session after only experiencing half the program!  That is an exciting prospect but also a terrifying one.  I feel ready, and I worry that I will never be ready.  What a strange place to be, here in this middle-space, here in this in-between, here in the space between already and not-yet.

Wow, I just went Pauline on you, my dear readers.  Don’t worry. That shouldn’t happen in session!


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