About Me

Carpinteria, CA

I’m an English nerd, a seminary graduate, and a newlywed. I like taking leisurely walks along the beach or salt marsh near my apartment (see the pic to the left), love thunderstorms and foggy mornings, drink hot tea whenever possible, read classic fiction and The New Yorker magazine, help people improve their writing skills, think deeply, go hiking with my hubby, play the guitar badly, and try every day to discover something new about God, people, and myself.

More about me: I’m from the South, where I never quite fit in, and have now lived in California for 5 years, where I also don’t quite fit in.  Sometimes I feel like a third culture kid, although I only grew up with stories of what it was like growing up on the mission field in Brazil from my mom and her brothers and sisters.  I work from home mostly doing office management and report-writing for a neuropsychologist but also working as a writing tutor for graduate and post-graduate students at Fuller Seminary and other schools. I have also edited books for self-publishing, and I ran the Writing Center at Fuller for a time.  My husband, Matt, is a musician and avid hiker who works as a supervisor for the REI in Santa Barbara.

Read my body theology blog here.


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