Welcome to the Garden

I spent the afternoon at the LA County Arboretum in Arcadia, California.  My little brother gave me a membership for Christmas, and I have to say: best gift ever!  I wish I hadn’t lost my camera last year so I could capture every moment, but luckily I have dozens from my previous visits.  My brother complained when his gift to me arrived in the mail, “Why’d you make me give you a membership to a flower garden?”  Believe me, the Arboretum is way more than a flower garden, although I did spend about half an hour smelling all the varieties of roses in the Rose Garden.  God’s natural perfume!  I’m exhausted from trying to take in 127 acres in 3 hours, and my blistered feet are complaining already, but it was totally worth it to bring in the new year with the creative genius of the Gardener.  Amen!

Not that I put much effort into a list of goals I know I’m most likely going to give up on within a few weeks, but I have made one New Year’s resolution I hope to see through: blogging once a week in 2010.  So here’s the plan: Tuesday afternoons at the Arboretum, winding down and reflecting over a pot of tea at Peets, and wrapping up with a Tuesday evening blog post.  Sounds feasible, right?  Here’s hoping!  To help keep me motivated when I get bored or slip into those terrifying moments of total lack of inspiration, I’ve got a stack of books from the bookstore with my handy-dandy staff discount on a variety of subjects.  Check the tabs for new stuff in different areas of inspiration–different paths around the garden, if you will!  Comments are always welcome.  I’m always up for banter, verbal sparring, or intellectual interrogation. (Interested in my old stuff? Click here.)

Welcome to the garden.  Come on in.